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Siriustee is a Startup Merchant that gives people the right to deliver print-on-demand images on their own products. We have team designer and marketing team from Vietnam but the whole printing and manufacturing process is done in the US. We are specialized in short run printing, so it is possible for the customer of the platform to make an order easily and quickly. Our print facilities only print professional products and all of the high-quality products. We offer digital printing and have a good price for clients. Furthermore, we also own a professional design team to offer pretty designs for the customer with no worry. We bleed ink and love to print. It's our goal to become a leading brand in print-on-demand field.

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To bring artistic parody, satire, and social commentary to every fandom


Siriustee provides a platform for transformative parody that strives to bridge the gap between artistic interpretation, fair use, and fan expectations by furnishing a platform for new, original, and transformative designs that parody, satirize, or provide social commentary on pop culture icons.


Siriustee prides itself on supporting independent artists and broadcasting their artistic parody, satire, and social commentary to a loyal, growing, and passionate audience.


Wear your art on your sleeve


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Contact us for more information:
Email: support@siriustee.com
US Address 712 Wilcrest Drive #1068, Houston, TX 77042, USA
Design Team Address: So 124 To 23 Tay Bac 2, Duong 2/4, Phuong Vinh Hai, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa 650000, Vietnam
Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 9am-1:30pm - 2:30pm-6pm Eastern time